Innovative fall prevention assessments for aging in place

Living Life Solutions fall prevention application makes providing in-home assessments to aging adults seamless. Reassure your customers that you’ll assist them in making the choices that will help them stay in their homes safely and securely as possible. Our fall assessment application and report has transformed how contractors, remodelers, builders and certified aging in place specialists (CAPS) make fall prevention assessments, recommendations and modifications.


Improve safety for seniors living at home

Falls are largely preventable but unfortunately, effective prevention measures can be overlooked because, up until this point, no practical technology was available. The LLS application creates the turn-key ability to easily provide practical, appropriate, and effective solutions for fall risk reduction.


Provide client-specific reports and recommendations

With the click of a button, receive a report that is tailored to the individual, their home and specific safety needs. Clients have evidence that they are receiving thoughtful, customized care and families or remodelers can quickly understand the needed modifications.

Our reports help aging adults feel confident about recommendations and save contractors time and hassle. Each report outlines suggested modifications and provides specific product recommendations. With the click of a button, you can order the products on behalf of your customers, or they can easily purchase the product themselves.

managed care


Improve market share and word of mouth referrals

The market is changing. Baby Boomers are demanding more sophisticated, personalized solutions. The aging senior today is not the same as yesterday. Aging in place requires refined strategies that reassure seniors and their families they are safe and able to live in their homes as long as possible.

From task lighting, grab bars, and other aging in place home modifications, our solution provides a very personal, highly professional experience. Improve customer satisfaction and consequently, word of mouth referrals for your business using our innovative fall prevention solution.



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